Evan Katz & Hedgeopolis

See Evan Katz interviewed by Asset TV as an expert regarding successful hedge fund sales/fundraising, emerging managers, best fundraising practices, and the state of the hedge fund industry.

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Evan Katz & Nasdaq Closing Bell

Evan Katz, as part of the Hedge Funds for Habitat (Habitat for Humanity) delegation, rings the Nasdaq closing bell, and then gets featured on the huge Nasdaq Jumbotron in Times Square

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Evan Katz & HFA Symposium

Growing Your Hedge Fund AUM from $100MM to $1 Billion“:  At this sold-out event, Evan Katz is the expert fundraiser speaker on the panel regarding the best practices and methodologies for a hedge fund to attract and bring in many more investors, to substantially increase its AUM, and to otherwise achieve a very large and highly successful fundraise.

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