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Evan Katz– the Role of Hedge Funds in the Nonprofit World


A Harvard Law School and Wharton School of Business graduate, Evan H. Katz, has long been widely recognized in the hedge fund and institutional investor communities as a highly valuable professional with the ability to raise very substantial capital for compelling hedge funds. Mr. Katz has worked on Wall Street for over a decade and is repeatedly recognized for his achievements in both hedge fund fundraising, and also supporting hedge fund related charities, a philanthropic aspect of the financial world and hedge fund industry that people oftentimes overlook.

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Evan Katz Understands how hedge funds can reach out and be a part of lives

Throughout his career, Mr. Katz has worked with or otherwise supported a variety of hedge fund charities, helping them grow and maintaining solid, high-level relationships. Mr. Katz has supported Hedge Funds for Habitat, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity, the widely known nonprofit organization that raises substantial monies and builds many affordable homes for those in need. As part of Hedge Funds for Habitat, Mr. Katz was featured at two appearances at Nasdaq, in Times Square, ringing the Nasdaq closing bell.

Mr. Katz also is a proud supporter of Hedge Funds Care (HFC) and The Robin Hood Foundation, which both aim to raise money to fund programs for their specific causes. Hedge Funds Care, which is also known as Help For Children, is an international charity, supported by the hedge fund industry, whose mission is to prevent and treat child abuse. Two of HFC’s main goals are to raise very substantial monies in order to fund programs that aim to prevent and treat child abuse, and to showcase this philanthropy in the finance and hedge fund industries. Likewise, the Robin Hood Foundation is a hedge fund supported charity whose focus is to find, fund, and create programs and schools that help New York’s most needed neighborhoods. Since 1988, Robin Hood has raised over $1.9 billion for goods and services that help provide soup kitchens, homeless shelters, job-training programs, and other important services to help New Yorkers who suffer from poverty to rebuild their lives.

With his admirable skillset, Mr. Katz has utilized and leveraged his hedge fund fundraising expertise to likewise successfully perform very substantial fundraising for a multitude of compelling charities. He also has been asked to speak as an expert hedge fund fundraiser at various industry conferences and universities around the nation, where he conveys information and his expertise regarding the best fundraising practices and methodologies for a hedge fund to attract and bring in many more investors, and to thereby substantially increase its AUM and to achieve great success, above and beyond its fundraising goals.




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